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Want to join

Post by Swtotw_a on Mon 31 Aug 2009 - 17:22

Hey guys like to join your clan.

Why: I think i can be a good player for you guys.

Special: Can snipe, can shoot very well. Snipe have to pratice did this in the past, very well i can say. But shooting is the favorit. Want to see me play first no problem i will do, some of you guys have see me playing.

Hours: I can play at least 1,5 hours a day, have to go to school you know Sad .

Something about me: I am from the netherlands, maybe you know it from the weed, and the red light district. I do college. I am learning for administration , dont know the english word for it.

bye arie

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Re: Want to join

Post by <]B*A[>Blade on Mon 31 Aug 2009 - 17:33

Welcome to clan <]S&S[>Arie, Cool

Download the Mappacks & Create tags with a Blue & symbol in <]S&S[>

See you on server

Thanks, Blade

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Server BOSS

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*Site Admin*

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Re: Want to join

Post by Tha Playah on Mon 31 Aug 2009 - 17:34

welcome in
make sure uve rpm 0.7

Tha Playah
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Re: Want to join

Post by <]S&S[>Naly on Thu 3 Sep 2009 - 18:42

Name : Akwasi
Real Name : Serdal
Age : 15
Location : The Netherlands
How Long you've been playing: 1-2 years
Why you want to join : It's a nice clan , no cheating, Friendly clan members and i love to play in the server .


<]S&S[> Clan Member

 Clan Member

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Re: Want to join

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