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Welcome 2 <]S&S[> Clan Forums!! Empty Welcome 2 <]S&S[> Clan Forums!!

Post by <]S&S[>Clan Admin on Sun 2 Aug 2009 - 4:33

Greetings from <]S&S[> Clan Leader Steven.

Myself, and <]S&S[> Sabrina have founded this clan.

This Clan was made for the purpose of FUN only, We are a Friendly Clan && Run a Fun friendly Servers!

    We DO Recruit New Clan Members, The way that works is as follows:

    1.) You APPLY for Clan Status in Our Joining Process.

    2.) You Get Approved by a * S-Admin * or Higher, to put on Clan Tags.
- You will NOT get CLAN Status, Until you are fully a <]S&S[> Member.
- Surpeme Court Members will Give you Clan Status.
Clan Tag Rules :

      *) We like to use REAL Names ( We like to think of Every Member as Family. )

      *) The Color of your name, depends on the powers you get on the server so here is are a few examples of the color / power combination:

      *** Clan *** Clan Powers (Can Vote, No Calling Votes) ( Clan Chat/Talk )

      *** Elite Members *** Have NO SPECIFIC Color, Only a arrow with Capital E at the end of the name.

    NOTE : Every Member can become Elite ( Clan , B - Admin , Admin , S -Admin )
    Please don't ask for it! We keep are Constantly Looking for New Elites We'll Inform you.

      *** B-Admin *** Basic Admin Powers (Vote, Call Votes , Kick, lowest level in Admin)

      *** Admin *** Normal Admin Powers (Vote, Call Votes, Kick and even BAN players)

      *** S-Admin *** Server Admin Powers ( Top Dogs , Kick , Ban , Highest level Authority )

      * Surpreme Court * The Trusted S-Admin Members of <]S&S[> Clan. Handle All Issues.

      Above All Mentioned <]S&S[> Steven &<]S&S[> Sabrina Our Server Bosses & Clan Leaders,
      And <]S&S[>Blade & <]S&S[>Perry Our Clan Co-Leaders

      They are Always the TOP ADMINS In Charge, Any Problems Private Message Any of Them.

Some Examples of these colors in order :

[/b]If my name was, BART for example. The Powers are in order from Least to Greatest:

<]S&S[> Bart This is The color for Clan-Members

<]S&S[> Bart This is the color for Basic Admin Members

<]S&S[> Bart This is the color for Normal Admin Members

<]S&S[> Bart This is the color for Server Admin Members

<]S&S[> Steven Yellow tags are for Leaders Only. ( Steven & Sabrina ONLY )

<]S&S[> Fun * Server Rules - Laws & Regulations
<]S&S[> Server Rules

    1.) Respect All Players, This includes ;
    <]S&S[>Sever Admins, Admins, Basic Admins, Clan Members, And Server Guest.

    ALL Players. Period, No Exceptions.

- This is a FUN server, Lets keep it that way!

    2.) There is NO Easy Way out for HACKERS, You Cheat Your BANNED.

- We have Server Admins on duty through-out the day, You cheat you will get BANNED, NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Wall Hack, Aimbot, Third, Ball Hack, Gun Hack, Any sort of hack is grounds for BANISHMENT.

    3.) HAVE FUN

- This is a FUN * Server, We wouldn't name it that if we didn't expect you to enjoy your self.

There is to be None of the Following :

    * Cheating *

    * Shit Talking *

    * Camping *

    * Bind Spam *

    * Player Disrespect *

    * Bad/Offensive Names *

All Are Grounds for immediate TERMINATION of play, on <]S&S[> FUN * SERVER
<]S&S[>Clan Admin
<]S&S[>Clan Admin
<]S&S[> Site Admin
 Site Admin

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